Our mission is to empower the next generation of NFT creators and collectors.

Our Project & Ecosystem

Imperium is used to purchase exclusive NFTs offered by the Imperium Creative team. The first NFT collection Uncanny Apes is available for purchase through Opensea. The second edition apes will be exclusively available through our website and can only be purchased with Imperium.

We want to empower the next generation of NFT creators and collectors.

Imperium Token

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Imperium is a decentralized ecosystem that serves as a hub for artists and collectors alike, as well as a place for investors to learn, share knowledge and information as we all navigate through NFTs and crypto currency.

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Uncanny Apes

Some strange-looking fellas, looking for new homes. Grab one today,

but don't forget to feed them a digital banana every once in a while! Get them while they last.

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NFT Artist Lounge

A centralized location for NFT artists to collaborate, share knowledge and discover new resources to produce NFTs.

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NFT Art Wars

Imperium Token wants to invite upcoming artists to join NFT revolution.

We are seeking to collaborate with and champion upcoming and talented creators.

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How to Buy

1. Create a wallet that supports polygon network, we suggest the trust wallet. Make sure you save the recovery seed.

2. Buy matic on any centralized exchange and send it to your wallet. To get the address click on receive in your trust wallet and search for polygon.

3. Enter the DApps tab in your wallet and search for Click on select token and paste the contract address: 0x901aed910161f077a341f944c5d5d78a387606cf

4. First buyers may encounter high price impact, if thats the case try to set the slippage to a higher percentage.

5. The procedure for coinbase wallet or metamask is mostly the same except you need to change active network to Polygon.



Our Team


Art Director. Creator of Uncanny Apes, marketing assistant as well as manager of art contests and NFT sales.


Smart contract and technical overseer. Creator of Imperium token, website developer, and technical operations manager.

Our Partners

Aaron Meyer

Aaron is the featured writer and blogger for the UniPower Network, as well as a community organizer/social media manager. He is a small business owner and cryptocurrency devotee.

J Pioze

An artist of many mediums looking for an outlet to funnel some of this creative energy. He is a 3x Muay Thai and kickboxing champion who's health issues lead to his new found love of crypto. He's big on loyalty.

Uncanny Apes

Uncanny apes are a rag-tag team of misfits each individualized with their own different level of uniqueness. The 1st Edition produced 665 apes that have a total of 102 different possible traits with six different categories (backgrounds, head attire, neck attire, hairstyle, eyewear, and facial expressions)


If you'd like to donate to the Devs, send ETH or Polygon here. Thank you for your support!